Fire Stopping


Fire Stopping is a specialised discipline, not to be confused with partitioning.

This Service page outlines Image Creation’s trusted Fire Stopping Services, where we discuss the crucial role of Fire Stopping in the preservation of life and property.

Focusing on compliance and safety, Image Creation offers a diverse range of Fire Stopping Services bespoke to you. We guarantee quality Fire Stopping Solutions for new construction projects, renovations, or routine maintenance alike. Across all disciplines, we rigorously assess, plan, and execute each project.

Our wealth of experience and perfectionism highlight how Image Creation is your trusted choice for Fire Stopping excellence.

What is Fire Stopping?

Fundamentally, Fire Stopping with Image Creation utilises the best fire-resistant materials, technology and installation methods to seal gaps and negate the passage of fire, smoke, and toxic gases.

DIY attempts lead to ineffective, non-compliant barriers, leaving buildings exposed and vulnerable. Proper accredited Fire Stopping with Image Creation nullifies the rapid spread of fire and the compromise of evacuation routes.

The importance of choosing a trusted solution for your Fire Stopping is paramount.

Fire Compliance and Risk Assessment

Compliance with fire regulations is a crucial consideration of the construction industry. Not only a legal requirement, it poses a moral responsibility to protect lives and property. The neglect of fire compliance can only lead to disaster, death, and legal proceedings.

Worthy fire safety strategies rely on thorough risk assessments. Extending beyond superficial evaluations and examining the specific intricacies of a particular structure, Image Creation identifies all potential hazards and weaknesses.

Image Creation’s experts boast decades of experience. Meticulously examining every facet of a building, we go beyond vulnerability identification. Working on this wealth of experience, we provide strategic solutions that offer the best possible chance of overall fire safety.

In adherence to national fire safety standards and regulations, Image Creation ensures that you remain safe and compliant.

BMTRADA Fire Doors

If you’re looking for BMTRADA Fire Doors and installation services, look no further than Image Creation. As a reputable and certified supplier (and installer) of Fire Doors and passive Fire Stopping, we are the reliable choice.

BMTRADA, a certification synonymous with expertise in fire safety, is the highest stamp of approval regarding a commitment to the best in fire safety solutions.

Through our proud collaboration with BM TRADA, Image Creation proves its commitment to excellence. The doors that we provide and install come with a promise of safety.

To understand more about Image Creations’ approach towards Fire Door Installation click here.

BMTRADA Fire Stopping for Compliant Compartmentation

Fire Stopping is more than simply ‘sealing the gaps’; it avoids disaster.

Taking advantage of the most modern materials and techniques, Image Creation’s solutions prevent fire, smoke, and gases from spreading through openings between rooms and passageways. It’s a precise process that we have worked hard to perfect since our founding in 1998.

Compliant compartmentation represents a life-saving strategy and involves:

  • The division of buildings into fire-resistant zones
  • The limitation of fire spreading
  • Offering occupants the best chance of safe evacuation.

Image Creation’s BMTRADA certified Fire Stopping solutions transcend quick fixes. They guarantee the preservation of fire-resistant barriers, preventing the uncontrolled spread of fires throughout a building. These solutions aren’t just theoretical; they have undergone extensive testing to uphold the highest standards of fire safety.

Image Creation takes pride in its team of BMTRADA qualified experts dedicated to Fire Stopping.


Image Creation specialises in fire safety solutions, understanding the critical importance of fire compliance and the role it plays in safeguarding people and property.

Our BMTRADA qualified team guarantees premium Fire Stopping Services, thanks to decades of experience. We offer comprehensive solutions that go beyond box-ticking, focusing on disaster containment.

Your safety is our commitment.

Fire Safety Services Near Me

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