Commerical Fit Out

Image Creation is your trusted choice for exceptional commercial fit-outs. With decades of industry experience, Image Creation is a trusted choice, transforming commercial (and residential) spaces into spectacular environments.

Our firm commitment to quality and customer satisfaction separates us from the rest. Our experienced team of proud professionals bring your vision to life with diligent attention to detail. Call now or read more about our unrivalled end-to-end service.

What is Considered?

Commercial fit-out encompasses the process of designing and remodelling a space to make it functional and visually attractive, whilst prioritising the specific needs of a business.

The process involves the thoughtful planning and implementation of interior design, layout, furniture, fixtures, and other factors to optimise productivity and transform aesthetics.

Image Creation takes pride in delivering professional commercial fit-out services by combining our team’s ample expertise, attention to detail, and an understanding of our customer’s requirements. We go the extra mile to create stunning environments. Trust us to design and seamlessly integrate your dream space.

Tailored Design Solutions

Image Creation boasts an ability to intuitively understand client requirements, brand identity, and practical needs. Our devoted team listens, queries, collaborates closely with, and acquires profound insights into client visions. By merging our creativity with a learnt understanding of requirements, we tailor unique designs that perfectly satisfy business objectives.

Comprehensive Fit-Out Services

Image Creation excels in all areas of commercial fit-outs, providing transformations of your premises without a hitch. Comprehensively, we have a wealth of experience in space planning, interior design, construction, joinery, and furniture installation.

We do everything from ceilings to decoration, electrical work to flooring. With a committed electrical department, we handle all kinds of installations with ease. Our flooring portfolio includes quality brands such as Karndean and Amtico. Enjoy a comprehensive commercial fit-out process with Image Creation, where your needs are delivered from concept to reality.

Transforming Workspaces

A specialist in reimagining commercial spaces, Image Creation transforms workspaces that promote efficiency, productivity, and employee happiness.

Thoughtful design meets functional pragmaticism and culminates in spaces that inspire their inhabitants.

Productivity is prioritised through careful planning, quality installations and furniture. For a comfortable atmosphere, lighting, acoustics, and ventilation are carefully considered resulting in atmospheres that are fresh and welcoming. Image Creation is your trusted partner, ready to take your commercial workspace to the next level.

Attention to Detail

Our resolute commitment to exacting standards and attention to detail ensure trust. Through our conscious approach and focus on craftsmanship, we produce outstanding results time after time.

Considering material selection and quality control, we deliver the highest standards, guaranteeing a stress-free commercial fit-out experience that surpasses expectations.

Believe in Image Creation as your reliable contractor for a beautiful transformation of your commercial space, supported by our reputation and attention to detail.

Experienced Project Management

From the first conversation, our veteran project managers ensure a straightforward commercial fit-out project delivered through a skilled team of professionals.

With proficiency in coordinating trades, and managing timelines, and budgets, we promise completion on time. Our experienced project managers negotiate typical ‘bumps in the road’ easily, providing effective solutions.

Trust the managerial experience at Image Creation and realise your vision with a dependable commercial fit-out contractor.

Industry Expertise and Compliance

Image Creation makes industry regulations, building codes, and compliance standards a first concern.

With a proven record of satisfying legal and safety guidelines, your commercial fit-out is safe with us.

An ongoing concern, Image Creation stays up to date with industry practices and integrates regulatory guidelines into our designs and work. Trust us to exceed your expectations while remaining compliant, providing peace of mind and a safe environment.

Client Success Story: IOT Refurbishment Oxford

Image Creation successfully completed a challenging refurbishment during the Covid19 lockdown. The project involved the strip-out and redesign of a building to support the College’s new IOT courses.

Challenges included the relocation of staff and equipment, creating new partitioned areas, and the installation of high-quality finishes.

Image Creation managed various aspects, including staircases, fire doors, glazed partitions, flooring, and branding.

Despite supply chain issues and unforeseen tasks due to the pandemic, Image Creation delivered a successful outcome. The project was a success, owing to the commitment of the College and Image Creation to negotiate obstacles and deliver outstanding results.

In a Nutshell…

You will not regret working with Image Creation. Our extensive range of services covers space planning, construction, and more. Your vision will be realised, entrusting us with your commercial fit-out. Through our attention to detail and experience in working to client requirements/demands, we consistently delight upon completion. Our knowledge of law and compliance makes the process smooth and promises a safe result. Explore our portfolio, consult with us, or request a quote.