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Fire Door Installation Services by Image Creation: Your Trusted Choice

If you’re in need of fire door installation services, look no further than Image Creation. As a reputable and certified supplier and installer of fire doors and passive fire-stopping, we are a reliable choice for property buyers, architects, and building managers. With our necessary certifications, skilled team, and extensive experience, we deliver dependable and affordable solutions. Discover our services, expertise, and coverage to learn more about our fire door fitting process, expert team, and service areas. Experience why Image Creation stands out as the trustworthy option.

Introduction to Fire Door Installation

The effectiveness of a fire door heavily relies on the installation team. Since our founding in 1998, we have earned a trusted reputation as certified suppliers and installers of fire doors and passive fire-stopping. Selecting the right fire door installer is imperative as it plays a crucial role in preventing fire spread.

With our extensive experience and regular inspections, we ensure secure and compliant installations. Our fire doors are installed in high-traffic areas, both in commercial and residential properties, making correct installation crucial to maximise their resistance against wear, misuse, and tampering. Rest assured that all fire doors supplied by Image Creation meet compliance standards and are robust enough to ensure the safest possible evacuation in the event of a fire.

Expert Fire Door Fitters

Our installation team consists of highly skilled joiners who possess extensive training and qualifications. With decades of experience in installing FD30s doors and frames, particularly in educational institutions and pharmaceutical settings, they are familiar with various environments.

Our Installation Team Managers have completed training through the BMTRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Installation & Maintenance Scheme and take responsibility for ongoing training and supervision, following industry best practices. Our voluntary participation in this scheme demonstrates our commitment to quality and safety, ensuring that fire doors are installed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Comprehensive Fire Safety Solutions

Image Creation offers a comprehensive package, including FD30s doors with laminate colours and compliant components such as vision panels, ironmongery, door closers, drop seals, and finger guards. In addition to fire door fitting, we provide various fire safety solutions, including power, lighting, emergency lighting, and fire safety systems. Our consultative approach, based on thorough site surveys, ensures the best overall solution. We also offer BAFE-certified Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems for non-domestic and commercial properties, meeting legal obligations and ensuring proper maintenance for effective fire response.

High-Quality Installations

At Image Creation, we excel in high-quality fire door installations, utilising the best materials and complying with safety standards. With vast experience, we have installed FD30s doors and frames in various settings, such as schools, colleges, social housing, and pharmaceutical facilities. Our flexible project approach minimises disruption while meeting clients’ requirements. Whether it’s a foil, laminate, or solid door, our installations consistently adhere to compliance standards, incorporating vital fire-stopping components. Thorough inspections and surveys of passive fire protection systems are conducted by our competent senior technicians, following a robust protocol.

Fire Door Installation Process

Outlined below is our standard process, from inspection to installation:

  1. Survey and consultation.
  2. A collaborative approach to work within budgetary constraints.
  3. A dedicated project manager ensures the team is briefed on client requirements.
  4. Work starts at a time suitable for business operational hours. For example, at a school, work might begin at 5 pm.
  5. Staff sign in/out, leaving premises safe for the next day’s use.
  6. You receive daily email updates on progress and plans.
  7. Anti-bacterial wipe down and general cleaning before departure.

Fire Door Installation in London

Compliance with London Building Act: Fire door installations in London must meet specific requirements outlined by the London Building Act, ensuring fire safety standards are upheld.

Unique architectural considerations: London’s diverse buildings, including historic structures, require fire door installations that consider their unique architectural and structural characteristics.

High-rise and multi-occupancy buildings: Fire door installations in London’s high-rise and multi-occupancy structures require specialised knowledge to address the specific fire safety challenges they pose.

Transportation and logistics: Fire door installation in London’s busy environment may involve unique transportation and logistical considerations that need to be carefully planned for the efficient delivery of materials and equipment.

Fire Door Installation Cost

Fire door installation costs are influenced by various factors, including site conditions and preparation, labour, and installation complexity. At Image Creation, we maintain complete pricing transparency, ensuring no unexpected costs arise at the conclusion of the installation.

Fire Door Installers Near Me

While we excel in operating in London, we are not limited to serving the capital alone. Image Creation is fully mobile and delighted to cater to customers across the entire UK. Explore testimonials from satisfied customers nationwide by clicking here.

Why choose us?

With certified expertise, a skilled team, and a commitment to quality, Image Creation ensures reliable and compliant fire door installations. Our comprehensive fire safety solutions and meticulous process prioritise customer satisfaction. Contact us or request a quote today to experience our high-quality services firsthand.